Collaboration Features

Corrus provides a variety of collaboration features to help teams work together on cases and tasks.

Different ways of collaborating in Corrus are discussed below

Activity Streams

Activity streams in Corrus help you stay up-to-date with all recent activities in your team, cases and tasks.

Corrus will give you updates in context to what you are working on. Activity streams will show all activities and actions that your team has performed across cases and tasks.

On the case file, the activity stream is filtered on a case. You can remove the filter by clicking on the arrow and applying ‘All Streams’.

You can further filter the stream on cases, hashtags and my mentions.

You can post/upload documents on the activity stream, comment on any action and mention your co-workers. Notifications will be sent to the users if they are mentioned in any comment.

On the task interface, you can see the task activity stream which provides updates on all activities that users have performed on a task. You can further post comments or documents on the feed.


Notifications in Corrus help you keep track of all that is happening in your team and always stay up-to-date.

In Corrus you can choose how you want to receive notifications.

  • Bell Notifications

All notifications will appear on the bell present on the top right side of your Corrus Screen. Corrus helps you see notifications across teams. A team tag will appear if a notification is of a different team. On clicking on a notification from different team, you will be taken to the update in that team.

On the notification panel, a count of unread notifications will be present. You can mark all notifications as read by clicking on “Mark all as read”.

  • Email & push notifications

If you want to receive notifications on your email, you can configure notifications to your registered email in Corrus. << Click here to learn how to manage email preferences>>



  • Mobile Notifications

To stay up-to-date while you are on the go, turn on the mobile notifications from the Notification settings section on the web app.

Sending emails to Corrus

On Corrus, you can work on all your important emails.  All you have to do is send the email to Corrus and engage your team to work on it in an organized manner. Here’s how Corrus helps you be more productive with your mailbox.

  • Send emails to Team Email Address

To create a case on an email, send the email to your team email address. A case will get created in Corrus and all the email information will be added in your case data. <Click here to find out how>

  • Send Emails to Case email address

If you get an email which is related to a case you are currently working on in Corrus, send it to your existing case email to add it as a task.

<Click here to find out how>

  • Send Emails as Case Data to Case email address

If you have a long email threads that you want to record or link to a specific case in Corrus, mention that case’s email id in the CC section of your email.

<Click here to find out how>

  • Complete tasks from emails

To complete a task via email, you give the information in your email body and give a task outcome to complete your task.

Here’s how you can complete your task through email.Copy the task email id from:

Enter an outcome as shown below and send it to your task email address.

The task gets completed in Corrus with the outcome selected as ‘approved’.

  • Give status updates via email

When you receive an email from your co-worker asking for a status update on a task, you can reply to the email with the information on that email directly.

Your response will show in the comment section of that task.

Corrus Plugin

With Corrus plugin for Office 365, you can

  • Create cases from your email
  • Attach important email data to your existing cases in Corrus

Click on “Add to Corrus” plug in from your email, enter your details and login to Corrus.

To create a case of an email, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on “Create a case of this email”.

Step 2: Enter the details of the case. Click on “Create”.

Step 3: Your email is added as a case in Corrus! Click on “View case” to see your case in Corrus.

To add the attachments of your email to an existing case, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on “Add mail attachments to your exisiting case”.

Step 2: Select the Team Name and Case Name to which you want to send the attachments to, and click on “Attach”.

Step 3: Your email attachments are added to the case data of the selected case and team in Corrus. Click on “View case” to see the attachments in Corrus.