What is a Case?

Now that you are all set with your team, what is the first goal you want to accomplish?
  • A case is an action plan or a project where you can define your goal and create tasks
  • Cases are made up of information, people and tasks.
  • A case in Corrus gives you one interface to see your tasks and information related to your goal.
You can add team members or invite new ones to the case to help you get your work done and complete the case. For example, you just set up your HR team and the first goal that you want to accomplish is to onboard a new hire.
  • You can create a case for Onboarding the new hire
  • Add co-workers from the HR department and from other teams who are required to successfully onboard the new employee.
  • Break down your goal into tasks, and assign them to case members along with the due dates.