User Roles

Corrus is designed for collaborative work with many people. When you join Corrus, you’ll see different roles that you can be assigned.

User roles for a Workspace

Your workspace is your team which consists of a team manager and team members
  • Team Manager is the person who creates and manages a workspace. As a team manager, you can:
    • Invite and delete team members
    • Create cases and tasks.
    • Edit the Workspace Name. On editing the workspace name, a notification will be sent to all team members
    • Provide payment details for paid plans.
  • Team Members are all users invited to a workspace. As a team member, you can:
    • Create cases and tasks
    • Invite other users to the workspace

User roles for a Case

Your case consists of a case manager and case members.
  • Case Manager is the person who creates or manages the case. As a case manager, you can
    • Add your team members to work on a case or invite new users.
    • Create, assign and complete tasks
    • Delete users from case
    • Close or mark the case complete
    • Mark the case as public or private
    • Change the manager of the case
    • Edit the case information – case description, hashtags
    • Change the due date of the case
  • Case members are the users who are a part of your case. You can,
    • Add your team members to work on a case or invite new users
    • Create, assign and complete tasks

User roles for a Task

A task consists of a task creator, task assignee, and task followers.
  • Task creator is the user who created the task.
  • Task assignee is the co-worker to whom the task has been assigned.
  • Task followers: Followers of a task stay up to date on all task activities through notifications. By default, the task creator and the task assignee become task followers. You can add more followers to the task by using the + icon.
  • External participants are of two types:
    1. External case member is a user who is a member of the case but not a member of the team.
    2. Guest contributor is a user who is assigned a task but is not a part of the case or the team.

User role for a Custom Case Type

A custom case type consists of a case type creator (owner).
  • Case type creator is the user who created the custom case type, and only she can edit the details of the custom case type or delete the custom case type.
  • Note: If the case type owner is removed from the workspace, the workspace lead is made the case type owner.