What is Corrus?

Corrus is a work management platform that brings your team together to work collaboratively and accomplish goals. Build workflows, create goals, assigns tasks, and do a lot more.

Simplified team collaboration

Corrus provides all the capabilities you need to communicate to your group, such as commenting on tasks, sharing files, and more.

Adaptable to any use case or business function

Use Corrus for all types of work. From reviewing a whitepaper to managing patient records or building a mobile app, our solution is designed to handle it all.

Email integration

Forward all important emails as cases or tasks to Corrus and take actions on them immediately.

Simple, yet powerful user interface

The Corrus dashboard allows you to quickly organize your day-to-day work, view dependencies, and track progress of all your cases across teams. Its powerful search capability helps you locate all your tasks, documents and cases.

Customizable templates

Corrus incorporates experience working with different companies and teams to continually provide a rich workflow, goal, and task template library. They are created by experienced industry professionals covering functions such as human resources, sales, and marketing.

Include your customers and vendors

While working in Corrus, you can assign tasks to external participants without the requirement of adding a user license.

Subscription model

Corrus is currently free!