Create your first case

In your workspace, click on the + icon that can be found in the header, to create a new case.

A case creation screen will open which will show a list of case type templates to choose from. You can select a predefined case type from the list of ready-to-use Corrus templates or create your own case type from scratch.

Create a case using case type templates

If you have repeatable workflows or scheduled work, case type templates can be of great help. These are ready to use case type templates created in Corrus with a set of pre-defined tasks. You can pick a template and quickly assign the tasks to your team and start working.

For example, if you select the “Event Management” template and start the case, you will find a list of tasks on managing an event. These pre-defined templates are specially designed to help you quickly manage your goal and save time.

You can click on ‘Preview’ under a template, to view the tasks listed in it.

Steps to create a case using a case type template

  1. Select an original (pre-defined) or custom case type template
  2. The case creation form consists of all the basic details which need to be filled in order to create a case successfully.
  3. The mandatory fields marked in the highlighted section require specific information to be filled by the case creator, as the information entered here can help case members access the relevant files and details to understand and work on the case. The information added in this section will get added to the Data tab of the case.

  4. Click on Create Case
  5. You can also save your case details during case creation and come back later to start working on it. The saved case appears as a draft case in your dashboard. Click on Save Draft to save the case.