Create your own case type

In addition to the existing case types provided by Corrus, you can also create your own case type based on your requirements. Follow the steps described below to create a new case type from scratch.

Step 1

From your Workspace dashboard, click on the Create Case button at the top. You can also click on the + icon present in the Corrus header.

Step 2

The following screen will appear where you can either select an existing case type or click on Create your own case type to make one from scratch.

Step 3

The case type creation process will get initiated.

1. You can fill the basic details of your case type here.

Note: By filling in the case duration you can establish how long a case of this type would take to complete.

2. From here, you can create tasks that can help you and your team accomplish the case type goal.

To be completed by

You can define by when each task in a case must be completed.

For example, you can create a task: Conduct meeting to discuss procedures, and you want this task to be completed within one day of the case getting started. So, you can set the completed by value to 1 day. Once the case gets started, and the status of the task is ready, the task will get assigned the due date of the next day.

Case Intake form

The Case Intake form is a mandatory task, which gets created by default when you are creating a case. Here while creating a case type, you can edit this task by clicking on Edit task details. You can edit the task goal, attach any references for the case members to go through, and even add a form.

A form is used to specify the exact information you require from the user who is creating a case using this case type. The information entered here can help the case members know the relevant details to better work on the case.

For a case type for Onboarding of new hires, you can define the following required fields in the form –

• Employee id

• Role description

• Joining date

When a user uses this case type to create a case for onboarding a new hire, he will need to provide the details for the above-mentioned fields in the case creation form to successfully create the case.

3. Here the case type creator can define the important files and data (date and text) that should be added to the Case Data of a case created using this case type.

Note: The files section only consists of files and the data section consists of date and text values.

4. You can recommend the users who would be participating in future cases of this type. These users will only be informed once a case has been initiated, using this case type. The users will get added as members of the case.

Note: If a user is added who is not a part of the workspace, the user will by default get added to the workspace as well.

5. You can review the case type details entered and click on Save Case Type to complete creating a new case type. Once you click on save, this case type will get added to your Case type library under Custom Case Types tab and start appearing in the Custom section of the Case type screen in the case creation process. If you click on Save as draft, it will get saved as a draft in your Case type library under Custom Case Types tab.