Creating an Account

Use your work or personal email ID to sign up to Corrus.

Sign Up from Corrus Website

On the home page of Corrus Website, click on the Sign-Up button on the top right corner or enter your email address in the box at the center. Click on Sign up for free.

Step 1

You will see a Create New Account popup. Enter the email id with which you want to register. You can sign up using
  • Your Google Account by clicking on Sign up with Google
  • Your work or other email ID in the box by clicking on Create Account

Step 2

Once you have entered your email address, you will be taken to  Corrus. If signing up through Google, you will skip this step and move to the next. Fill in the basic details and click on Launch Corrus
  • Name
  • Password
Password Policy:  Your password must have 8-16 characters, atleast 1 alphabet, 1 numeric,1 symbol, and no space. Corrus has enterprise security. Our password policies help us keep your data safe. Once you finish entering the details, you will be taken to your Corrus workspace.

Sign up from Email Invite

If you receive an email from your co-worker to join a team in Corrus,
  • Click on Join now
  • Follow Step 2
  • Click on Launch Corrus
You will be taken to the workspace to which you are invited by your co-worker.

Sign Up from Corrus Plugin for Office 365

Use the Corrus Plugin for Office 365 to sign up! Using the plugin you can:
  1. Create cases from your email
  2. Attach important email data to your existing cases in Corrus
To create an account in Corrus using this plugin,
  • Open any email in your inbox
  • Click on “Add to Corrus” present on your email bar
  • Click on “Create new Account”
  • Follow Step 2