Case Data Section

This section contains all the information related to the case, and acts as a central repository for the case. Adding case data
  • You can add a file, text or date in the Case Date.
  • File Label: Enter the label name of the file, date or text
  • For a file, you can upload a file from PC
  • Click on the + icon to add the information as Case Data
Case Data details:
  • Data Type Label: The type of case data added and the label name
  • Value/Link: The file uploaded, or text or date value entered
  • Access: The lock icon can be used to restrict access to a case data file.
For a public case, by default, all your team members have access to all case data files. For a private case, only case members have access to all case data files. If you want to restrict access from external participants in your case, you can lock your case data file.
  • Actions:
  1. Pin/Unpin – You can pin important data to the top for easy access.
  2. Delete – You can delete the data you have added to your case