Case Overview Section

The overview section gives a snapshot of your case progress. All sections of the overview are actionable. Case details: The top band consists of the following case details:
  1. Status of the case
  2. Case due date
  3. Case lead – user who created the case or who has been assigned the case
  4. Case goal
As a case manager, you can edit the case details at any time. Case Task Statuses

Statuses tell the current progress of your tasks and help you take immediate action to make sure that there are no delays in case completion.

The graph filters the tasks based on the status set on them. Various status present in Corrus are,

  • Ready: These are tasks which you can start working on immediately.
  • In Progress: Tasks that are currently in progress
  • Not Ready: Tasks which are not yet ready for being worked upon
  • Overdue: Tasks which have passed their due date
  • Completed: Tasks that are completed by the user
  • Custom: Tasks which have statuses created by you or other case members.
You can click on a status to filter your task lists on that status. My Tasks/Meetings All the meetings and tasks for the date selected will be listed here. Assigned Tasks

Here you can see how all the tasks of your case are allocated.

This is extremely helpful for a manager to get a high-level information on the number of tasks assigned to each case member. As a manager, you can view the task list of each user and allocate the high priority tasks accordingly.