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User settings
  • Editing profile information
Here you can enter or modify your personal details, upload your profile picture and change your password.
  • Default team(workspace) settings
A default team is the first workspace to which you were invited by a co-worker in Corrus, or the first workspace you created when signing up to Corrus.
  1. All the cases to which you have been invited will appear in your default team.
  2. Emails that you send to will get created as cases in your default team.
In case you want to change the default team at any time, you can select a default team from the dropdown (shown in the image below).

Notification settings

Corrus sends recent updates on all your cases, tasks and meetings. These updates will appear on the bell while working in Corrus.

You can also choose to receive notifications on emails, or push notifications on mobile to make sure that you are up-to-date with everything even on the go!

Managing Notification Settings

You can choose WHAT you want to get notified about and HOW you want to receive all notifications. In Corrus, all notifications are categorized under:

  • Case Notifications
  • Tasks and Meetings Notifications
You can select the notifications you want to receive from the mentioned list. Corrus provides 3 options for getting notifications:
  • Web Notifications (on the bell while working in Corrus)
  • Push Notifications (on mobile)
  • Email Notifications
You can select all 3 options or either of these as you want.

Creating different type of notification settings

Corrus helps you configure different type of notification settings for different teams.

For example, you can create a notification setting especially for the sales team to receive mobile notifications and stay up-to-date on the go whereas, for the marketing team, you can create a setting to receive email notifications only.

In Corrus, we call all these settings personas. By default, in the notification setting panel, ‘Default Manager’ persona is applied to all your teams. The default manager persona is applied by default.

You can create another persona settings by clicking on Add new persona.

  • When you create a new persona, you can specify the persona name, and in the notifications panel, you can define what you want to get notified on and how would you like to receive the notification.
  • From the top right corner, select the team on which you want to apply these settings. You can add multiple teams for one type of persona.
Click Save to save your notification settings. Note: On the left panel, you can view which persona is applied to which team. For example, in the screen above, ‘Know it all’ Persona is the team setting for the Design team.