Workspace Settings

Workspace Settings allow you to change the details of your team. Click on your user icon on the right side of the Corrus header. From the drop-down, click on Workspace settings. From your workspace settings page, you can
  • Edit your workspace name
You can click on the edit button to change your workspace’s name. Type in the new name and click on the check icon to confirm the workspace name. A notification will be sent to all users about the change.
  • Delete workspace
You can delete your workspace by clicking on the Delete Workspace icon, present next to the workspace name. Note: In case you delete your workspace, all cases and tasks associated with that workspace will also be deleted.
  • Copy workspace email address to create cases through email
You can create a case for any email in your inbox. Click on Copy team id button, to copy the workspace email address to the clipboard. Open the email which you want to send to your workspace, paste the id in the To section, and Send. This will automatically create a case of that email in your workspace. You can also send an email to, and a case will get created in your default workspace.
  • Invite users 
Invite users to your workspace, to collaborate on cases and tasks. Click on Invite Users and type the Email id of the co-worker in the box given.

You can enter multiple email addresses by pressing space or hitting enter after typing each email address. Once you are done, click on Send Invites.

An invite email will directly go to the invited person from where can sign up to Corrus and get added to your workspace.

On the workspace settings page, you will see the list of team members in your workspace and all invited users.

You can always re-invite a user from the Invited Users section.

  • Set Rate (Coming soon)
You can set a rate for a team member. This can help the team manager in expense calculation.