Feature Spotlight: Fun with Email

November 16, 2017

When we first started building Corrus we had to address the big elephant in the room: good Ol’ Fashioned Email. 

Mckinsey reports employees spend 13% of their working hours each week in their email inbox (on average). One of the biggest conflicts for any team trying to improve collaboration is how to reduce that number. Do you replace email? Do you find a workaround? Do you automate it?

We decided to embrace it. Email is still the most convenient channel for communication. However, it’s not the easiest to track or manage. Our goal is to help teams make email more actionable and trackable.

Set your email preferences

Our email notifications are designed to inform, not annoy. Select what reminders you want and how you want to notify your team. 

Don’t lose work

Forward emails to a simple email id m@corrus.com to create cases (a goal or project) in Corrus. Your attachments and threads will be attached to the case. You can CC- people directly to add them to the case. Corrus will directly invite people who haven’t signed up yet. 
Tip: This is also an easy way to create your first case in Corrus.

Assign stuff as it comes in

Each case has an email id. Send emails to that id to create tasks. Assign a user to a task by adding them to the “To:” field.

Keep Corrus in CC.

Are you having long email conversations that you want to record or link to your case? cc the case email id, and never lose an email.

Read more about different email options in our helpful user guide.

Let’s make email great again!


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