Feature Spotlight: Invite external collaborators to your cases and tasks

November 29, 2017

The gig economy is no longer a trend, but has become the norm. Recent research states that 53 million Americans, about one-third of the workforce, are freelancers and external consultants.

A blended workforce has become critical for every growing business. As hiring talent becomes more challenging and as the digital economy advances, a majority of fast-growing businesses are using external collaborators to supplement their core needs. For managers of blended teams, however, even with advancing technology effective collaboration remains a concern. How do you involve and manage these contributors in a meaningful way?

Our customers echoed these challenges. One client, a manager of an HR team, worked often with recruiters in many different countries. His day to day work wasn’t just with his own team but with these individuals as well. He needed a way to collaborate while managing issues of confidentiality and access.

At Corrus, we aim to help all teams work better. As the nature of teams evolve, we hope to evolve our features as well. Whether distributed or blended, teams are most efficient when they work cohesively and collaboratively. Therefore, it became important for us to build a tool that included all team members. Our goal became to:

  1. Help external collaborators contribute and participate in a case in a meaningful way.
  2. Allow case managers to specify permissions for these collaborators in what they can see or do.
  3. Provide a simple way of involving occasional contributors to complete tasks without hassle.

With these over-arching goals, we have built features in Corrus that allow participation of different types of users in cases.


External Case Member

When inviting a user to a case, you can choose to only give them access to a specific case instead of inviting them to your team. That user will be treated as a case member with no restrictions on any view or data. However. they will not have access to any other case in that team or your team dashboard.



External Task Assignee

When assigning a task, you can assign it to a user who is not a part of the team or case. This user does not need to sign-up to Corrus, and can complete the task using our simple web form. This is a great way to include occasional contributors or clients in your cases.





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