How to engage your team in Corrus

January 4, 2018

Is getting your team to adopt a new tool proving to be difficult? The easiest fix is to engage them rather than just tell them.  Here is a quick checklist for you to engage your team in Corrus, and make adoption easier.

Step 1: Assign tasks to your team members

Once you have created the list of tasks or action items, quickly assign them to your team. When they log in they will see these on their dashboard. You will get notifications on the progress of all tasks that you have assigned to your team. Also, add due dates to these tasks. Due dates are clear deadlines that help your team complete their work.


Step 2: Work on tasks together

When you create a task, consider who may need to be informed of its updates and add them as task followers. To further collaborate with other case members, comment on tasks to engage with them. This can be any information you want to share in context to that specific task. The task assignee and followers will receive notifications of any activity done in the task. You can also mention any user in a task feed by using the “@” character. The mentioned user will get a notification and can quickly navigate to the task.


Step 3: Add details to your tasks

Set dependencies among your tasks and create mini workflows. To demonstrate a dependency on a task, select Add Dependency from the edit task interface. You can now choose the task, your task is dependent on.

Define deliverables of the task by adding a Response Form. Response forms help you get data in a specific format. You can quickly create a form within your task and add data fields to it. This allows your coworkers to know exactly what they need to provide in a task.


Step 4: Follow up with your team

To get a quick update on a specific task, click on Request Update button. A notification is sent to the user to update the task’s status.

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