Tired of being kept in the dark? Stay in the loop with Corrus notifications

February 2, 2018
Collaboration can be overwhelming. Keeping track of tasks across projects can send you into an overdrive. And with a distributed team, staying in the loop can be even more challenging. In such a scenario, getting notified about the team’s work can be an easy way to stay in control.

Notifications indicate preparedness. With the use of notifications, you can stick to your action plan and ensure execution is taking place at each stage.

Even though staying updated can be an immense advantage, an overload of notifications can be annoying. We built Corrus to offer an array of notification settings so that you can choose WHAT you want to get notified about and HOW you want to receive the updates.

Corrus provides 3 options for getting notifications:

  1. Web Notifications on the bell while working in Corrus app
  2. Push Notifications on mobile app
  3. Email Notifications
You can select all 3 options or either of these as you want. Dependency on other tasks? Stay informed and get work done on time

Corrus gives you the ability to set dependencies among tasks and get everything done in a structured manner. You may have a task which is dependent on another co-worker’s task, and you may be waiting for it to be completed.

So, when the co-worker marks his task complete, you will automatically be notified and can commence your work. Stay updated on the go

You can receive mobile push notifications for all your work across different teams, using the Corrus iOS or Android app. Whether it’s an update on a task that you are following or a case getting completed, Corrus notifies you on the go. Create and use a Persona to suit your working style

In Corrus, you can be a part of multiple teams but just because you’re a part of a team doesn’t mean you need to be too involved. Corrus helps you configure different types of notification settings for different teams. In Corrus, we call these as personas.

For example, you can create a notification setting especially for the sales team to receive mobile notifications and stay up-to-date on the go whereas, for the marketing team, you can create a setting to receive web notifications only.  

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