Talent works, genius creates

Corrus helps designers bring out the best in their work

Let your ideas flow

Corrus helps designers manage their tasks, collaborate in real time and share all artefacts at a single location

No more long email threads to manage

Forward all your important emails to Corrus and spend more time designing.

Collaborate on your design drafts

Discuss ideas, share files, tag and notify your coworkers, and leave comments on design tasks.

Bring in external collaborators

Allow your clients to review and leave feedback on your work with no sign-up necessary.

Shared storage

Store all of your project design files- wireframes, drafts, and different versions in one place for quick access.

Creativity needs a free mind

Let Corrus chase your team members for you by sending them regular reminders on their work progress

How Corrus fits into the designer's workflow

Templates for Design Teams

Use the Corrus design template with predefined tasks to go from ideation to completion!