Build the change

Corrus helps engineers track their progress and deliver results

Make your ideas tangible

With Corrus, you can plan your roadmap, respond to tasks, and build great software together

Sprint planning

Build an agile workflow, add intake forms for a uniform start, create standard tasks and use it for each sprint. Reuse existing templates to save time on building processes from scratch.

Dashboard view

Get insights on task-level statuses for all your projects. Act on top-priority tasks so that you and your team can focus attention where it is needed most.

Integrate email

No need for long email threads. Convert emails into tasks and cases, and manage discussions in one place.

Collaborate across teams

Collaborate with internal and external teams to scope projects, tasks and timelines. For each task, add followers and mention different team members to alert them to take action.

Bug tracking

Record, prioritize, and assign bugs to your team and track completion.

Forecast resource requirements

See each team member’s progress on tasks allocated within projects. Identify workloads, reassign tasks and plan hiring accordingly.

How Corrus handles common engineering activities

Engineering templates

Use our templates with predefined tasks to manage your development process and build solutions faster.