Build a better workplace

Corrus helps HR teams acquire & retain the best talent

Use Corrus for all your human capital management needs

From workforce planning to talent management, expedite each of your human resource processes by using a single work management application.

  • Accelerate the end-to-end hiring process through greater collaboration
  • Build and deploy employee retention plans with control over information confidentially
  • Create a great work culture by organizing events and cross-functional projects

Pull a team together and resolve to succeed

Recruit, onboard and hone incredible talent all in one place

Build a happy workplace

Enable your employees and managers to discuss career goals, evaluate work, give real time instructions and clear feedback on individual performance all in one place and grow together.

Decrease your time to hire

HR and hiring managers can alert each other to review interview feedback and use the Corrus mobile app to immediately assess and deliver a response.

Keep the process on track

With data driven reporting, compare and track multiple projects at once. Quickly move candidates through the pipeline by sending reminders and requests for task status to the right people.

Easy access to your business data

Manage files, employee data and details. With all your information in one place, you can increase your team’s productivity while tracking your HR goals.

Recruit the ideal candidate

With ready-to-use templates, quickly setup workflows without reinventing the wheel for each project. From sourcing to final evaluation, with uniform workflows ensure milestones are met along the way.

Build a healthy workforce

Create and track employee succession and retention plans. Use project initiation forms to ensure all future projects have a uniform start.

How to use Corrus to source and onboard a new employee

HR templates

Use Corrus HR templates with predefined tasks to solve all your people management needs.