Together everyone achieves more

Corrus brings your marketing resources into alignment

Corrus helps marketing teams succeed

Get a high level view of your marketing goals, centralize your team efforts, and deliver successful campaigns

Collaborate across teams

Set meetings to strategize, work on tasks, and request for updates, all in one place.

Achieve total transparency

View reports to track group performance, and manage resources effectively. Always have your goals and tasks at your fingertips.

Build your plan

Create a campaign, organize an event or launch a new product. Regardless of what you do, you simply create a case, tasks, and assign them to your team.

Enhance efficiency

Specify instructions for a task and add documents to it so that everyone knows what to do.

Fast review

View task activity feeds to get quick access to all feedback and suggestions.

Set dependencies

It’s not easy to kick off a campaign when the content isn’t ready. Setup dependencies so that relationships between tasks are clear and prioritization is simple.

How Corrus fits into a marketing team's workflow

Marketing templates

Organize your events and campaigns with predefined tasks, from getting registrations done to planning media activities, all in one place.