Manage work, from start to finish

Corrus is a work management platform that brings your team together to work collaboratively and accomplish goals.

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Automate and drive your team's accomplishments, from simple tasks to long-term goals

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Corrus starts with a team. It is the home of your virtual workspace where you work with others on goals.

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Cases are your goals or projects which you can create within your team.

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Tasks are your action items which you can create and assign to yourself and your team.

Automate and drive your team's accomplishments, from simple tasks to long-term goals

Organize your work in a way that works best for you and your team.

Communication across teams is hard. We make it easier


Mentions & Comments

Comment on tasks and use @ to mention your team-mates on specific work. They will get notified instantly.

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Include external collaborators

Access level control lets you add other teams or guest contributors without compromising security or sensitive information.


Contextual Streams

Comment on activities across cases. Each action will create a new update in real time.

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task followers

Task Followers

Add yourself and others as task followers, and get notified on all new happenings in tasks that are most important to you and your team.

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Don't just manage work, get things done


Schedule Reminders

Set up reminders for your team to update their status on tasks and let Corrus follow up for you.


Response Forms

Create specific task deliverables by adding fields to collect exactly the information you need.

expense tracking

Expense Tracking

Track time spent on each task to help you keep your projects on track, and build expense records.


Task Dependencies

Add dependencies between tasks to create orderly workflows and get notified when a task is ready.


Shared Storage

Store all final content in one place and get a grip on version control.

Manage work

A dashboard for everyone on your team

The Corrus dashboard gives you a snapshot of your team's work and progress towards goals. It includes metrics and notifications that you can set up to fit your needs, regardless if you are just getting started or if you have a large team managing multiple business critical projects.

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Corrus dashboard

Team Dashboard

In a single view, keep track of progress and areas that need attention, highlight action items for team members, and generate reports for executive stackeholders. Predict resource crunches and delays before they happen.

Workflow specific dashboards

The ability to drilldown into specific workflow types, projects and tasks makes it easy to monitor, measure and compare project performance. For example, filter on the recruitment workflow to see how recruitment for current roles are progressing.

Project Summary Reports

Schedule project summary reports and have them emailed to you and your team. View status of each and take timely action on any task that needs your attention.

Adaptable for virtually any work use case

Corrus templates are created by industry professionals to help you and your team reach your goals. Functions include human resources, sales and marketing, and cover a wide range of tasks, commonly used by teams of all sizes.



Organize your events and campaigns using predefined tasks, including contact management, media planning, all in one place.


Human Resource

Plan your hiring process, manage pipelines, and make great hiring decisions. Use our predefined tasks for hassle free onboarding.



Connect with clients, create winning proposals, and boost the efficiency of your sales operations.

Connect to your apps

Bring your apps

Connect Corrus to all the apps your team uses. For example, integrate Corrus with Slack to convert your communication into actionable items or OneDrive to sync your data with Corrus.

Import Tasks to Corrus

Thinking of making your Excel worksheet actionable? Use the import feature to convert all your action items into tasks in Corrus where you can easily assign them to your team.

Export your data

Anytime you want to send your tasks to Excel, use the export feature. All tasks with due dates and assignees can be exported as Excel files.

Integration with Corrus
Corrus Product

Stay in touch, anywhere.

Corrus Product

Install the Corrus iOS and Android apps on your device(s) to stay in touch with important communication and cases or tasks you need to follow. The apps automatically highlight top items so that you can follow progress or take decisive action in real time.

Try Corrus for free today

Regardless of your department of function, try Corrus for free and see how easy it is to setup and work with your teams. In addition, Corrus provides enterprise-level security and stability so there's no risk in setting up a trial.

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