Achieve your vision and goals

With Corrus, make every project a success

Build high performance project teams

Define and track a set of actionable items, meet time constraints, and work across functional boundaries to achieve your goals

Work like a pro on multiple types of projects

Use Corrus templates to setup workflows for similar projects and define project intake forms for a uniform start. Set task priorities, follow tasks, request for real-time updates and schedule reminders.

Make emails actionable

Setup projects and complete tasks in Corrus through emails. Email requests can be automatically imported as projects or tasks and assigned to the right people.

Centralized repository for all your business data

Capture any kind of business data that you want to track in the data section of your dashboard. All information stored as forms, budgetary data, tasks or project metrics can be used for reporting.

Automated data drive reporting

Compare all your projects at a team, project, or a multi-project level. Schedule project summary reports to view current tasks statuses, overdue items, and view budget metrics across all your projects.

Manage your team's workload

Filter your dashboard on a specific workflow to access all its projects and tasks. Within projects, get visual insights on allocated tasks and your team's availability. Create a resource plan and set timelines for upcoming tasks.

Review and optimize

Review your work by tracking task history, comments and references of each task. Identify bottlenecks and plan ways to improve your work.

How Corrus fits into a project manager's workflow

Project Management templates

Use Corrus project management templates with predefined tasks to streamline your processes and increase the probability of success for all your projects.