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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I delete a case that I’ve created?
You can delete a case by clicking on “Delete Case” in the Case Actions present on the top right corner of your Casefile.  
How do I tag a user in the comments section?

You can tag a user in the comments section of the task activity by entering ‘@’ followed by the name of the user. It will show a list of all your teammates. Select the one you want to mention.

The mentioned user will get a notification of your comment and will be made a follower of that task.

What is ‘Explore Corrus’?
‘Explore Corrus’ is a tutorial case that gives you a walkthrough of a Case File and its features. You will see this case in your dashboard when you sign up.
What is a dependency? How can I add a dependency?

Corrus allows you to set dependencies among your tasks and create mini workflows.

To demonstrate a dependency on a task, select “Add dependency” from the edit task interface. You can now choose the task, your task is dependent on.

If you would like to place restrictions on the task, for example, to not allow your task to be started until the dependency is completed, you can click on advanced and also choose a condition. You can also place further restrictions on task outcomes.


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How do I mark a task complete?

After you finish working on the task, you can mark it as complete by clicking on the complete icon at the top.

Occasionally, on clicking the complete button you will receive some options to choose. These options are known as outcomes. An outcome for your task must be chosen to complete your task. Your task assignor will configure these when creating the task.

Some sample outcomes: Accept, Reject, Re-initiate.

Can I create templates for recurring cases?
Yes. To create a templates of an existing case: 1. Go to Case Actions in the case file and select ‘Save as Case Template’. 2. Enter the name of the template 3. Select a case type, the category of your case 4. Select a template type. Templates can local ie. only visible to you, or global, visible to your team.
How will I be notified when updates are made to a task?

All task followers receive notifications on all task updates.To follow a task, click on “Follow this Task” bell icon at the bottom of the task interface.

You can also customize your notifications from the notification settings. Click on the team name in the top right corner. From the drop down, select Profile Settings. Click on Notification Settings and go to “For all my tasks and meetings” section. Select what updates you want.

How can I sync my Corrus calendar to my personal calendar?
To sync both calendars, from the Casefile, click on Case Actions, go to Export, and click on Calendar. A pop-up window appears with a unique link of your case. Paste this link to the calendar with which you want to sync your tasks and meetings. Follow the steps in the pop-up to complete the sync.
What happens to my tasks if I am deleted from the case/team?
If you are deleted from the team, all the tasks that are assigned are unassigned.
Can I create meetings for a case which is closed?
No. You have to re-open the case to create meetings in it. To reopen a case, select “Re-open Case” from the banner on the top of the casefile.
Can I give a due date to a task which is after the due date of my case?
No. The due date of a task must be before the due date of your case.
How should I re-invite users if I accidentally delete them?
You can add the user again by clicking on the + icon at the top. Enter the Email ID of the user and click on “Send Invite”.
How do I search for my tasks and cases?
When you click on the Search box at the top, Corrus search gives you an option to choose from. You can Click “My Cases” to search on the cases you are a member of, click on “My Tasks” to see all tasks assigned to you or Click on tasks assigned by me

You can also enter your own keywords related to a task/case in the search box and press enter to initiate its search.