Corrus is designed to protect and secure your information

Collaborate with your team in a secure environment

Corrus servers are hosted on Microsite Azure Platform. The physical server is located in Azure's secure data center in the US. Azure provides unified security management and advanced threat protection. Read more about compliance offerings of Microsoft Azure.


Security of your data
is our priority

Data in Transit

Corrus uses Transport Layer Security TLS 1.2 with 128 bit AES algorithm. When Corrus is accessed on the website, desktop and mobile app, and Corrus servers, all information is protected using both server authentication and data encryption. All connection are made secure over HTTPs.

Data at Rest

All customer data and documents uploaded in Corrus are stored in the encrypted format using AES encryption on the Azure's Blob storage.

Passwords and your privacy

  • All user passwords are stored in AES encrypted form. User passwords are not viewable by team administrator or corrus employees.
  • Password can be reset by the owner of the account's email address.
  • Corrus is designed in a way that user's login passwords are stored in Azure Active Directory (AD).
  • Secure from Brute force attacks.

We ensure network security

Corrus production systems are accessible only by Corrus DevOps team.
Access is further limited to only connections to production systems from authorized IP addresses that can securely access the Corrus services using the Azure Paas Platform.

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